Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Alright, so this is my first blog. Whether you're curious or not I'll talk a little about my experience with MMA. To be quite honest I had no idea about Mixed Martial Arts until December of 2009 when my boss started talking to me about it. I had see UFC, Affliction, TapOut and so many other MMA brands that I had no idea what it was. But, talking to my boss really opened my eyes to MMA. I was hooked and eventually wanted to train so I started training at a local Gracie Barra gym. All I do right now is the BJJ classes but I do Gi and No-Gi training. I want to eventually get up to "mixing" it with Muay Thai. Right now I'm a 3 stripe white belt and I go to training 2-4 times a week, I never can get to the full 6 arggg.

As for actually watching MMA...I only catch the online highlights. BUT! I did get to go to Strikeforce Houston which was absolutely amazing to watch. To add to that we sat 2 rows from the floor when originally our seat were in the upper deck! I think there was a mix up in sales or something but I didn't care we got better seats for a lower price! Really that's all for now hopefully others will share their incites and experiences of the MMA world.

- Jeff


  1. Keep this up, I wanna hear more about mma.. I was planning on getting into it when i'm at school next fall. Grew as a fan to wanting to try it out for real

  2. Keep it going, Mate.
    Myself, I'm Boxer, took me four weeks to achieve the elite training, and as we speak, I haven't lost a match. 13-0.